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Your skin deserves a quite particular attention. When you know that, you can properly take care of it and find the suitable products.

To complete its offer, Bioreline laucnhed VisioDerm™, an innovative and exclusive device to detect rapidly and precisely skin imbalances.

Optical diagnosis is a modern, accessible and accurate way to analyze the condition of your skin. It optimizes the pertinency of results and establish  the most appropriate treatment.

The VisioDerm™ perfoms a skin examination, both simple and painless which allows Professional of the beauty to visualize the skin up to the dermis. This technique combines optical magnification and specific lighting conditions by three light sources (visible, polarized, UV) for an analysis of the epidermis, dermis and pores.

The beauty professional can adjust your own program according to your needs and your desires.

VisioDerm, Better to know the quality of the skin in 5 minutes :

VISIODERM™ diagnoses 8 decisive criterias of skin quality (Hydration, lipids, wrinkles, pores, complexion, skin texture, pigment, redness, pores).

- An objective and accurate scientific skin analysis.

- A Bioreline personalized beauty prescription (rituals Institute and home products).

- A follow-measured results of your skin.

Thanks to  this scientific diagnosis, find with the help of your Beautician, the best treatment for your skin imbalances.

TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR BEAUTY A OWN DIAGNOSIS An innovative skin analyzer  for a customized diagnosis

Which solution for your skin?

Your skin is unique and constantly evolving.

The preconceived idea that the skin falls into three category types « oily, dry or normal » is wrong !

Each individual is born with a type of skin which is genetically passed on. It induces imbalances that evolve over time, vary according to the seasons, age, hygiene of life … Bioreline professionals determine the real needs of your skin and recommend effective and natural programs to treat them.

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